SQLC-72L is a new compact size multifunctional meter for power & energy.They are the ideal choice for the monitoring and controlling of power distribution system.

※Compare with AA size batteries


  • Compact Size Multi-Meter

    Space saving small size DIN72x72mm for small space panel.

  • Common Use For

    1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W
    AC110V, AC220V, AC440V (440V Directly)

  • International Standard

    IEC 60688: 2012 (Transducer)
    IEC 62053: 2003 (Wh)
    CE Marking

  • Clamp Type Current Sensor

    Easy installation in limited space. Easy for replacement and maintenance job.

  • Saving Man-Hours by SCREWLESS type

    Wiring can be done with shorter time by spring terminal block type.

  • High-Visibility

    High brightness white backlight. Large wide viewing display (75° between up and down, left and right).

  • Support with Various Systems

    Modbus RTU (RS485) communication output, alarm and pulse output.

    Input frequency range from 10 to 180Hz which is ideal for new energy generation system.


Compare with SFLC-110L, SQLC-72L has the same performance and function, and it realizes miniaturization.
Even with small size, main measurement display size is 10mm.Easy to read with high visibility & high brightness white backlight same as our original SFLC-110L.

SQLC-72L Dimensions


Power Line Super Multi-Meter
Type Input Frequency Catalogue Instruction Manual Communication Specification Setting Software *

* User registration is required before download the software. By installing this setting software on your PC, you can write and read SQLC-72L setting values via communication terminal. Supported OS: Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7. This setting software version does not support input frequency 10 to 180Hz.

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