SQLC-72L is a new compact size multifunctional meter for power & energy.They are the ideal choice for the monitoring and controlling of power distribution system.

※Compare with AA size batteries


  • Compact Size Multi-Meter

    Space saving small size DIN72x72mm for small space panel.

  • Common Use For

    1P2W, 1P3W, 3P3W, 3P4W
    AC110V, AC220V, AC440V (440V Directly)

  • International Standard

    IEC 60688: 2012 (Transducer)
    IEC 62053: 2003 (Wh)
    CE Marking

  • Clamp Type Current Sensor

    Easy installation in limited space.
    Easy for replacement & maintenance job.

  • Saving Man-Hours by SCREWLESS type

    Wiring can be done with shorter time by Spring Terminal Block type.

  • High-Visibility

    High Brightness White Backlight.
    Large Wide Viewing Display (75° between up & down, left & right).

  • Standard Specification Support with Various Systems

    MODBUS RTU (RS485) Communication output,
    Alarm & Pulse output.


Compare with SFLC-110L, SQLC-72L has the same performance and function, and it realizes miniaturization.
Even with small size, main measurement display size is 10mm.Easy to read with high visibility & high brightness white backlight same as our original SFLC-110L.

SQLC-72L Dimensions


Power Line Super Multi-Meter
Type Catalogue Instruction Manual Communication specification Setting software

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