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DAIICHI Electronics is established in 1947 which has been based on electrical measurement technology and have been developing, manufacturing, and selling products in accordance with the spirit of our company motto, "Make each day anew" while keeping close contact with social changes and customer needs.

Presently, we are providing a wide range of products from electrical measuring instruments to control equipment and industrial instruments. For this we would like to express our appreciation for the support and cooperation which we received from our customer.

Today, the world is entering a new era of carbon neutrality and rapid digitalization. DAIICHI Electronics will keep to work on thorough quality control and improvement our technical skills while keeping abreast of the needs of these times, We will continue to contribute to society by providing products that satisfy to our customers.

Again, we are sincerely appreciate for further support and cooperation from all of you.

Daiichi Electronics Co., Ltd.
President Toru Nakabayashi