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Our role in society

Our company plays a vital role in modern industry as a measuring instrument manufacturer. Our business is founded on following principles.

>> Constant contribution to society by mass production of modestly priced high-quality products.
>> Making great contribution to industrial development of our country.
>> Positive business activity by the spirit of cooperation.
>> Stable business growth by sound management.
>> Improvement of staff life.
>> Pursuit of happiness

Business attitude
(Key to successful business)

About skill
Continuous pursuit of skill development regarding production, sales, administration, management, etc. and commitment to innovation/development.
About work
Improvement of quality/productivity with creative mind.
About product
Taking full advantage of top-level technology and putting high-quality/low priced products on market.

Business activity norm
(activity guideline for employer/employee and prudence)

About people
People are the key to business success. Pursuit of physical/mental health, personality cultivation, ability development, self-enlightenment.
About spirits
Spirits of progress, development, endurance and service on the basis of cooperation.