Plug-In Transducer Communication Unit FCTT Back

CE Mark

FCTT (Input 8 circuits)

This is a compact plug-in type communication unit that converts analog signals into communication signals. With Modbus RTU, field analog signals (water level, flow rate, concentration, pH, temperature, pressure, speed, power etc.) in water, sewage, power, chemical, steel and other plants can be easily connected to central monitoring or controllers.

Conventionally, analog signals were relayed through PLCs or other devices and connected to central monitoring or controllers, but this communication unit enables direct connection to central monitoring, which can reduce costs without the need for PLC ladder program design.


  • FCTT (Input 2 circuits)
    • High accuracy: ±0.2%
    • Isolation between input and output signal to prevent run-round and reduce the effects of noise.
  • FCTT (Input 8 circuits)
    • High accuracy: ±0.1%
    • With CE Marking
    • Reduce wiring works by using push-in connectors which can connect up to 8 circuit at once.
  • Remote monitoring of analog signals such as various sensors and instrumentation is available.
  • LED (Green) is used to check "power ON status" and "communication status.
  • Combination with any wireless units is possible due to the open network MODBUS communication support.


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FCTT (Input 2 circuits)
FCTT (Input 8 circuits)

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